It’s all about the beauty. And the beast …

The two sides of the African story

“I looked at life from both sides now,” sings Joni Mitchell and when it comes to Africa, one cannot agree more. Africa has many, many facets, but in essence there are two sides. The beauty. And the beast. The yin, the yang. The splendour. The challenge.

The one side has sunsets, plains, wildlife and grandeur. Karen Blixen’s Out of Africa. “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy,” reckoned Hemingway. It is a perfect paradise picture that does exist. In game reserves, secluded hideaways, exceptional tours of discovery.

But the other side of the coin also exists, showing an Africa that has to cope with life’s dice. Overpopulation, unemployment. Poverty. Broken down remnants of colonialism.  Lack of infrastructure. But a spirit you’ll only find in Africa. Africans are awesome. People making plans, somehow surviving, laughing, being. People and places and issues that need all sorts of support to survive, from conservation crises to medical volunteering and education. To only begin …

There is no other continent like Africa on this planet. A continent with two diverse sides of the same coin. But both so truly African. A continent with soul, an unequalled spirit of survival and a host of endless discoveries for the curious traveller wanting more. You are welcome.

This is our story …

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