It’s all about the beauty. And the beast …


Originally I travelled with nothing but a notepad and pen, but it didn’t take me long to realize that a picture often is worth … well, a 1 000 words. Maybe that’s an over claim, but still. I cut my teeth on old Asai Pentax K1000 35 mm SLR, but eventually caved in to the digital era. It does make sense when one is travelling with limited space available and not seeing ‘civilisation’ for long periods.

Enough said, here is a portfolio of a selection of my pics of places I have been, routes I have been on. Enjoy! And oh, yes, they are for sale for private or commercial use. Please buy lots. Because the more I sell, the more travelling I can do. And the more new pics I can add. If you are interested in any pic(s), please contact me at