It’s all about the beauty. And the beast …

About me

Yes, I am a traveller, yet, I am not unique; we all are travellers. The purpose of travel is the thing that is different and unique for every other person. Some travel to the shopping mall and back while others circumnavigate the globe on the equator.

Many years ago the only travelling for me was commuting to the office and back home. This was when I was sporting the title of junior advertising copywriter at BBDO in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa. However, I had 15 working days leave a year and boy, did I leave during those days. As far as my copywriting salary would take me: the famous Kruger Park, Garden Route, hiking the Drakensberg, the highlands of Lesotho, Mozambique and its beaches and islands, the barren Karoo, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Vic Falls, the Namib Desert in Namibia. Every time a bit further; a bit more …

Then one day I quit advertising altogether. Producing the first ever Adventure Travel Guide for Southern Africa was next. As the editor, publisher, designer, writer, photographer, ad sales exec et al this little booklet got me into 13 African countries, covering 28 000 kilometres on my own in a 4×4 double cab pick-up (Ute to you guys from down under; a bakkie here in SA actually) over a period of six months.

Many similar projects followed but one ‘problem’ remained. I was governed by said projects and had to follow and honour the parameters of the project. Very seldom did I have the opportunity to travel for the sake of travel; always for another purpose or goal.

Until now. I managed to get rid of more or less every single governing issue in my life. My daughters are intrepid travellers themselves, I do not have a mortgage or own a house. All the furniture is gone. No more car or motorbike. No job. No overdraft.

But I have a decent backpack, good boots, notebook, cameras, a valid passport. And this site. It will be my storybook about the places, people and routes through Africa that I want to share with you. I sincerely hope to see you somewhere on the road through Africa.